Suzuanne Foster

Founder | Financial Advisor
CFP®, CRPC®, Certified Kingdom Advisor®

Phone: 888-238-7898

Suzuanne Foster, “Suzoo,” is the Founder of Adventure Financial. She has 17 years of experience as a financial planner and volunteered as a financial coach for 3 years before making it her purpose on earth. She has a passion for helping people. She graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of California, Riverside, then pursued her Certified Financial Planner certification in 2007 and her Certified Kingdom Advisor® certification in 2011. She loves to educate her clients so that they can maximize what God has given them.

Suzuanne was born in Orange County, CA and lived there until 2018 when she and her family, husband of 21 years and 6-year-old daughter, were called to move to Wisconsin. She loves Wisconsin, in particular, the distinct seasons and the changes each one brings. Suzuanne is a naturally curious person, eager to learn and always on the search for new and better ways to solve problems. In her personal life, this natural curiosity has led her to explore gardening and she enjoys learning new ways to dehydrate, can and freeze the food she grows. In her professional life, Suzuanne takes her curious spirit and uses it to think outside the box and explore new ways to serve her clients through the changing seasons of their lives.