Financial Planning

Our view of Financial Planning is quite simple: to help you live the best life you can with the money that you have accumulated (or intend to accumulate).

Most people don’t reach their highest aspirations by accident. We act as a sounding board and an accountability partner that guides our clients through the complexities of financial decision making throughout all stages of life. This is accomplished through a long-term relationship based on mutual trust, understanding, and communication.

While financial planning certainly involves numbers, details, and projections, we don’t believe this is where the conversation should begin.

When you meet with one of our advisors, they will take the time upfront to learn about you, your family, and your story.

What life experiences have shaped the way you think and feel about money?
What are the things in your life that are most important to you, and how might your financial resources be better utilized to allow you to focus your time and energy on these things?
What current concerns keep you up at night?
How do you want to be remembered?

By working through these important (but often ignored) questions, your advisor will gain invaluable insight into the steps that need to be taken to help you live your financial life in alignment with what you shared is most important.

Our goal is for you to achieve these 3 things as a result of working with one of our advisors:



around your goals and possibilities



that you are on the right path



in your final decision making